Capture your present,

learn from your history,

define your future.

Safety, security, communication management all-in-one resulting in real cost savings.

Customers have reduced overall costs associated to incidents, claims and litigation by 90%.

WHY SwordPoint?

Collect all the data you need and easily view analytics that matter to your company.

Swordpoint delivers secure web-based applications designed to track security, safety, environmental, health, observation and improvement for incidents that require response, monitoring and/or adherence to compliance and regulation. Providing customers with comprehensive insight to reduce risk and promote best practices for organizations.

Connecting the Dots


Access and share information from any location quickly and efficiently.

Risk Management

Efficiently record data for current and future risks to enhance risk/safety practices.


Systematically collect information that will help you get compliant and stay compliant.


Gather, organize and analyze data to be more efficient, maintain control and stay on top of potential problems.