Good Data Can Be a Game Changer

We drive data collection into a process that will improve and change your organization.

Swordpoint’s analytics dashboard provides you with simple yet valuable overview of activity by project, incident type, timeframe or manager and includes the ability to develop specific reports for your organization. The information allows companies to develop better insight resulting in operational excellence for quality and cost improvement.


Web-based application for easy implementation & access

Severity-based notification system for timely communications

Dashboard evaluation tool for instant analysis

Ability to file documentation to external entities for compliance

Capture communications chronology

Communicate checklists & processes to minimize risk

Upload photos, video & supporting documentation to incident file


Tablet device reporting on secure web-based platform

Instant access to project data, checklists, policies and incident details

Real time awareness and email alerts to critical stakeholders

Confidential database of incidents for inspection and action independent of law enforcement/regulators

Ability to associate cost to incident

Brand & employee protection

Mitigate risk & opportunity for errors

Reduce claims & litigation