Our reporting process captures that whole picture from beginning to end while providing guidance and checklists for users. From easy incident entry to auto alerts providing notification by email based on severity, Swordpoint’s web-based solution integrates with all technology classes. It is simple for users to upload photo, video, CCTV witness statements and other supporting documentation. Forms maybe sent automatically to responsible parties such as HR and the creation of reports triggers auto-population of compliance forms such as Workers Comp, OSHA, Clery Act and other required documents.


Swordpoint provides organizations with greater oversight and review internally and externally. Procedures are populated and guidance is given through the application based on medical need, company policy, legal and regulatory requirements. The incident reporting can be managed throughout the process by the appropriate individuals from the start through final resolution. 


The ability to quickly access and analyze incident data saves time and money. Analytical charting by frequency, type, concentration, date range or year over year is a powerful tool for organizations. Dashboard views provide an efficient way to view the status and activity of incidents and can be managed by filters to show specific views based on company need. Ad hoc reports can be created and exported to compare against other databases such as accounting.


Easily identify trends for risk management or best practices. This results in a heightened realization for decision makers of how and when to respond. Data collected can be sorted by manager, location, division and more.


Centralized oversight creates transparency and provides the opportunity to look into the future based on data analysis. This insight allows companies to strategize and make long term improvements that can be categorized by project or type of job that can be implemented locally or throughout a global organization. The results of our process and tools allow you to work with independent risk management and insurance partners to reduce expenses and increase profitability.